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Dream Submission

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4 days ago

I got into an elevator and realised the buttons were faulty. Suddenly the elevator began speeding up. It seemed to go outside the shaft and travelled somewhere quite far. Once the door opened, a huge
Jul 2

I’m looking down at a classroom. A girl is playing the cello. It seems like a music school class. She plays the cello so beautifully. All of her class mates as well as a western female teacher are
Jun 22

In ight of my faint memory of a dream, I just took a rest, sitting on the couch and then, suddenly, I witnessed that the floor of the living room was shaken and a small crack occurred. There was a sho
Jun 21

Dream 1. Many years ago I had the most vivid of dreams. I was going through probably the worst period of my life. I very rarely have such periods. My dream was that I fell down on a seemingly bottomle
Jun 12

There was a big tree in the middle of my back garden. The tree was special and and I could see the light and energy diffusing out. I approached closely and I had to lower my body to pass the archway i
Jun 1

When I was young and I felt unwell or had a fever, I had a recurring dream. In the dream it was pitch black and there were multiple flashing lights coming from all directions, very rapidly. When I'm f
Jun 1

I’m in a costal town in Borneo, Indonesia. Towers of corregated metal shack type buildings on stilts lining the edge of a white sandy beach, running 400/500 meters, stopping at the headland. There is
Jun 1

I remember dreams from my childhood that seem to be out of some fear about wars when I was at elementary school, anti-communist education was like a propaganda, that could scare kids off. I used to h
May 31

May 31

I was in my house watching TV but something happen a robot grabbed me and then I tried to escape but it scratched me and my nanny shot a gun at one of the robot then took me underground. -------------
Oct 22

I enter the space room with high ceiling no paintings There is a manager the empty space he is a little fat well fat to my taste he wants to stop me from flying from flying aroudn
Jun 28

'Most of the time I'm a tiger in my dreams If I dream with animals. I can't exactly remember what the purpose of that tiger is. Most of the time it's just there to protect something or somebody. Somet
Jun 21

I'm on the streets of an old town in Crete, Greece. I'm trying to find my way to meet someone and I can't find my way. Around the corner of this old tiny street sweeps a man who looks like he is from
Jun 21

I realize the river begins to move like a wave in ocean, then i walk up to the window to see two gigantic planes crashing with each other and slowly falling apart into pieces. The whole crash happens
Jun 5

On a recent trip to Korea, or just after it, I had the following dream: What happened directly before the events which follow, I can’t recall, but I found myself in an office, or clerical environment.
Jun 1

I saw seven rainbows in my dream. I cannot remember where I was but I was outside. They were not randomly spaced, but positioned one behind the other, creating a kind of rainbow tunnel. I was outsid
Jun 1

After a few years of my mother’s death, one day I dreamt about her turning up at a picnic scene. I don’t remember exactly who there was. There was a hill not very steep. Green grassed. I think my fath
Jun 1

I have a dream that features a landscape of a foreign land. But this is not an existing place, but an amalgam of various places I have been to in my life. It's very vivid and I often return to the sam
May 31

I am in a forest possibly a Leith Hill, in Surrey. I am suddenly surrounded by an army dressed in camouflage and with guns, it is scary but they are friendly and help me find my way out of the forest.
May 31

I dreamt I was in India, in my aunt’s family home. But to me it was not a dream and it felt real. I was walking through the corridor that connected to the living room and there was my mother’s aunt, u


Describe your dream in a simple text in as much detail as you can remember and we will feature your dream for the upcoming performance DREAM RITUAL, artwork creation and DREAM AUCTION. For DREAM AUCTION, the dream submitted will be sold as the text written at the time of submission with no alterations or corrections.​ The dream you are selling should be a dream that you personally have dreamt.

We are not responsible for any fabricated dreams or the subsequent impact of dreams, such as curses or nightmares. Please don’t submit a dream that you don’t want to sell or you have already sold to someone else. If you want to submit your dream for DREAM RITUAL/art creation only but not for sale, simply leave a note '*not for sale'.  Then your dream will feature for the performance and art creation but won't be listed on DREAM AUCTION. 



Dream and Dreaming - their place in our lives


We are running a series of talks, discussions and workshops in lot of different contexts around the themes of dream. After our first workshop ‘Dream and Dreaming - their place in our lives’ at Wellcome Collection’s Reading Room on 2nd April 2019, the second one was held at Korean Cultural Centre in UK on 31st May. This series of workshops run by the project director Bongsu Park and Hazel Riley - an author, teacher and shamanic practitioner.

During the workshop we will talk about the project and the specific Korean culture of buying and selling dreams. Also we will share our ideas about dreams from many perspectives – dream related traditional customs to neuroscience and psychology. Alongside the dream contributions through our project website, people can contribute their dreams off-line at the end of workshop.