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Jun 5

Cheating Chaebols or Heavy-Handed Hollywood



On a recent trip to Korea, or just after it, I had the following dream:


What happened directly before the events which follow, I can’t recall, but I found myself in an office, or clerical environment. Nobody else was there but it must have been an important film-related office… Perhaps even a back-office room in a cinema in South Korea.


I could even go as far to say it was somewhere like the Korean Film Archive / Korean Film Council / KOFIC or an office belonging to a conglomerate [’chaebol’] or major cinema chain in South Korea.


I appeared to be looking for something. However, whether I was actively searching or not, I happened to find a press-kit or… was it a feature film in a box? Whatever it was it was found within an almost standard-like waste-paper bin. An actual film had been discarded? Really?


The movie in question was of a slightly lesser known film to those often topping the bill in Korea, whilst perhaps at the same time a massive film hit elsewhere in the world [Incidentally, I’m convinced it was “A Star Is Born” (2018 version)…]


At some point here - maybe when I was half awake, or still in dream-mode - I thought and recalled back to a conversation whilst in Korea and indeed with Koreans there who had not even heard of “A Star Is Born”. I could only then think, “How could this be? After all, many Koreans like musicals or films infused with music… don't they?”


Why was it there? Was it not commercial or salable enough, in Korea, at least?


Like a mini epiphany, I suddenly realised why most cinemas in Korea were only showing the newest blockbuster [the latest "Avengers" film?] and not just in one screening room but almost every auditorium that exists! Yes. I suddenly realised or felt that bigger powers were at play here. Could it really be that such large film companies, like the one I had found myself in, maybe, & indeed where I found this film, were deliberately disposing of any good and artistic films, independent films, art house movies, less commercial flicks and/or less ‘creative’ ones? In fact, was the film playing across all screens in South Korean cinemas actually an Avengers one or even a home-made and therefore Korean-own blockbuster? Either way, what would the reason be for this?


Well, it seemed to me or the dreaming me, and in full epiphany mode, that the tycoons / conglomerates / ‘chaebols’ which were connected to or had an ‘invested’ interest (well, invested money!) and not just a vested interested in these giant franchises. Perhaps such large companies were in cahoots with Hollywood corporations.


So it was that I further surmised that artistry in Korea was never to be the same again - Korea was never going to escape this long run of maybe mediocre, Marvel or simply ‘run-of-the-mill’ films... Certainly not if any other films were being hidden from the public and therefore not fully distributed.


It felt almost like film companies were sending what they had to cinemas, be this from American companies, UK ones or elsewhere and these were being hidden in favour of simply ‘what sells’ and ultimately what ‘chaebols’ had their vested or invested interested in.


Ultimately, I woke up… [obviously]… and the total experience had been, I suppose, like a movie - or two - within a dream.


New Posts
  • 'Most of the time I'm a tiger in my dreams If I dream with animals. I can't exactly remember what the purpose of that tiger is. Most of the time it's just there to protect something or somebody. Sometimes the tiger comes when I need to have answer for something or when I need to accomplish something but I'm not sure how to do it. I don't talk in my dreams as a tiger, I tell everything through my eyes . The times when I realise that I'm not a human anymore when the perspective changes, like when I look up to somebody, and the person is suddenly taller than me, when in reality we are the same height. I don't need to change however into a tiger - I'm a tiger, I've been all along... that's it. This realisation is not scary at all, it's more calming if anything. It's amazing to feel flexible, the cage of your body and bone-prison dissappears and I feel finally free. Thoughts are simpler, emotions are simpler when I'm in this state. When I'm the tiger, there's nothing to cover up what you feel as human - everything becomes clearer when I'm a tiger. You don't need words, you realise what you wanted all along, what's your calling - I'm never by myself as tiger, I am there to be the strength of someone, or was that me that needed the my own tiger self?'
  • In ight of my faint memory of a dream, I just took a rest, sitting on the couch and then, suddenly, I witnessed that the floor of the living room was shaken and a small crack occurred. There was a shovel next to me and I started using it to wreck the living room floor. As a result of constantly digging the floor, there was a brown bottle shaped like Korean pottery. As I opened the pottery, there was a golden snake, illuminating the entire jar. Even if I was afraid whether the snake could bite me or not but I kept having it for a while illuminating the living room.
  • I’m looking down at a classroom. A girl is playing the cello. It seems like a music school class. She plays the cello so beautifully. All of her class mates as well as a western female teacher are looking at her. They all wonder how she can play the cello so well. She normally plays the violin. Her fingers touch the strings and vibrate creating an amazing melody. After finishing the song she said "I was thinking of a story about ..." (i cannot remember but i think it was an old classic film title) "The man that i was thinking of was..." (i think it was an old actor’s name). The teacher’s eyes became red, full of emotion and I felt like crying too. She is now in a studio in a factory area. She is moulding a geometrical shape - a square and a sphere architectural shape using a chemical mix. A musician friend arrives and she teaches him how to mould the same shape on the next table. She realized that the mix that she used was wrong and it would make a fire. I saw the smoke and made sure my friend is safe, I called the emergency services and I am suddenly driving a car, I can now see my hands on a handle and I realised that she was me/I was her. I arrived at the factory entrance where the studio is. The fire had been caught and people had gathered to watch. I talked to a fire officer. She smiled and told me “Everything was good.”


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Dream and Dreaming - their place in our lives


We are running a series of talks, discussions and workshops in lot of different contexts around the themes of dream. After our first workshop ‘Dream and Dreaming - their place in our lives’ at Wellcome Collection’s Reading Room on 2nd April 2019, the second one was held at Korean Cultural Centre in UK on 31st May. This series of workshops run by the project director Bongsu Park and Hazel Riley - an author, teacher and shamanic practitioner.

During the workshop we will talk about the project and the specific Korean culture of buying and selling dreams. Also we will share our ideas about dreams from many perspectives – dream related traditional customs to neuroscience and psychology. Alongside the dream contributions through our project website, people can contribute their dreams off-line at the end of workshop.