People can register their dreams as text and submit them to the DREAM AUCTION through this website. The dreams submitted will be listed as the text written, printed and ready for purchase. The dream will remain unedited from the time of submission with no alterations or corrections permitted thereafter.

DREAM AUCTION event is being planned.  Roger McIlroy a professional auctioneer and long-time auction house executive is acting as consultant and mentor to the process of this unusual project.

Monies raised from the auction will go to creative charities (more details to follow).  In so doing, I hope the process of sharing dreams can positively affect not just those participating, but also other people's futures and dreams.  A record of monies raised for charity will be published in this website. 

How To Register and Submit Your Dream

Go to DREAM SUBMISSION sign up and create an account. Submit your dream by clicking 'Create New Post

Describe your dream as much as you can remember in a simple text and we will print and list it in the auction. The dream submitted will be sold as the text written at the time of submission with no alterations or corrections.

The dream you are selling should be a dream that you personally have dreamt. We are not responsible for any fabricated dreams or the subsequent impact of dreams, such as curses or nightmares. Please don’t submit a dream that you don’t want to sell or you have already sold to someone else.


The DREAM AUCTION is FREE to attend - everyone welcome! For those who wish to purchase the dream, all bids begin at a minimum £--- (Reserve). --% of the selling price will be donated to an arts charity whilst --% will go towards auction and performance costs. A record of monies raised for charity will be published on the website. 


Feel free to leave comments and start or join discussions about the dreams.

Dream Auction Process

The contract of the sale of a Lot shall be made between the Buyer and the Seller. The sale of a lot shall occur when the auctioneer accepts the highest bid by striking his/her hammer and calling the paddle number of the highest bidder. The Buyer will be asked to confirm his/her purchase by signing the Bid Confirmation on the date of the sale. In respect of any lot, the Buyer shall pay to Dream Auction in accordance with the Auction Terms and these Important Notices the full invoiced amount at the Auction with immediate effect. 

The Prospective Bidder shall complete a Bidder Registration Form and provide a proof of photographic identity such as passport, driving license or government issued identification card. All bids placed may be recorded and Bidders, by placing bids, are deemed to have consented to the recording of their conversations or actions. 

Auction date will be announced by closer to time in the EVENTS section. Bidding can be done in person, by phone or on line the details of how to bid and register will be provided closer to the time.




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